Revelation for the New Millennium

"The world that you have yearned for, the world that you have imagined, the world that you remember deep in your unconscious is the world of My Spirit. To this world you are intended."

This revelatory testament for the New Millennium dissolves the paradigm of man's separation from God.

Healing, authoritative, compassionate -- a Self-identification handbook -- The GodSelf aligns the reader with the universal truth of being.

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 "The GodSelf is the most transformative and reconfiguring book I have ever encountered. It should take pride of place on the bookshelf of every sincere student of Truth."


Study Guide for The GodSelf

"All the Earth is a school, a magnificent school of the light! You are living in opulence. You are programed in abundant life. All abundance is yours in the circle of life and creative power."

The Workbook addresses portions of each of the 63 chapters of The GodSelf: Revelation for the New Millennium by Patricia Jepsen (Chuse).

The Workbook provides revelatory insights, summaries and highlights of major truth principles, writing exercises, meditation and practical application suggestions, affirmations, as well as questions and discussion topics for study groups.

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What Being on Earth Is All About

by Patricia Jepsen and Delphi

" 'Delphi? Delph?' I squatted beside her. Delphi opened her eyes, barely. 'Delphi, this is important. We've got to talk.' Delphi perked up. She looked at me expectantly. 'You have this very important invitation from people in the movies...'...

'Can I speak?' Delphi asked....

'Yes,' I said. I knew that was the end of it and I knew -- as far as Delphi was concerned -- we were on our way."

Delphi testifies to the tremendous contribution that the animal kingdom wishes to make to the healing of the earth and humanity's heart.

These extraordinary animal stories, as well as golden retriever Delphi's own journey from show dog to master teacher, may cause the reader to laugh or to cry or simply to whisper, "Yes!"

Reading Delphi may be a rite of passage for all of us. It is a celebration of life.

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 "The answer to the survival of the planet is in communication with nature. What better way to find our path than to let Delphi lead us. Bravo! An excellent book."


How to Live Happily with All Life

by Patricia Jepsen and Delphi

Illustrations by Kimberley Hevesy

"My name is Delphi and I would like you to be a partner with me. I am a golden retriever by birth.

I came to this planet to help everybody. I saw that Mother Earth needed help and so I came -- as did other persons like myself. We are more like angels than what you can animals. This is because we know a lot. And we carry a lot of love with us. Bundles of love, in fact. I hope you can feel my love when I write this, because I really want you to. I want you to love just like I do."

Six Lessons with Delphi is an uplifting, illustrated, practical guide to living in the circle of life.

With a simple, inviting style, golden retriever Delphi emphasizes respect, kindness and friendship amongst all life as the key to happiness on Mother Earth. For children, family, school, community groups, and the young at heart!

See also the companion booklet: Teaching Delphi: Training Teachers to Be Like Children

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 " I found Six Lessons with Delphi to be a very positive and moving experience with many of my students. It gives children of all ages a methodology of getting in touch with themselves. These lessons help our students build a more peaceful world."

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