About Patricia Jepsen

Please Note: Patricia Jepsen made her transition into the Light in September 2009.
Her books continue to be available through this website.

Patricia Jepsen (Chuse) brought her extensive background as an actress, workshop presenter, seminar leader and spiritual coach to her writings. Her books, including The GodSelf: Revelation for the New Millennium, The Workbook: Study Guide for The GodSelf, Delphi: What Being on Earth Is All About and Six Lessons with Delphi: How to Live Happily with All Life, guide humanity into greater understanding of the meaning of life and its higher calling. Active for over thirty-five years in the expanding spiritual and environmental movements, she traveled globally, speaking, holding seminars and workshops, and convening conferences. In 1987 she founded the Center for International Cooperation (CIC), a non-governmental organization and cosponsor of EarthWalk, one of the first global conferences to present indigenous wisdom as an earth-saving message (New South Wales, Australia, 1989). CIC's programs continued to distinguish themselves by their holistic process of participation. In 2003, Patricia founded The Sanctuary School, a program of heart-based education, where children and youth find new hope in a philosophy of partnership with all life.

About Interspecies Communication

Patricia Jepsen had the ability to hear and understand all life speaking.

From early childhood, Pat was surrounded with the love of animals and considered all animals her friends. The gift of interspecies communication developed as her consciousness expanded to embrace all life as sacred. Her "great initiation" occurred -- her induction into the circle of life -- when, during a duck-hunting season in Idaho, her prayers for the birds seemed to quiet the gunshots. From that time her abilities increased to hear and to understand all life speaking.

While living in Virginia, Pat adopted a golden retriever companion named Delphi. She soon learned that Delphi was on a mission to let people know that "dogs can speak"! This lead to a series of classes by Pat and Delphi in Tucson, Arizona, which explored communication and the partnership between animals and humans, and the fundamental importance of the Circle of Life. Delphi: What Being on Earth Is All About profiles the experiences of these classes; Six Lessons with Delphi: How to Live Happily With All Life offers a foundation for all ages in kind and compassionate living. These materials also formed the inspiration behind The Sanctuary School.